Hey I'm Djoewe.
I try to make films. Apparently this comma has become some sort of logo for me. Which is a hard logo to claim I guess. Copy-right wise. I started using it when I was younger. Then, when I was studying Graphic design, a teacher told me it could signify a pause of some sort. A small brake, before you move on. A slap to the face, to get yourself sorted out. I liked that a lot.
Once in a while somebody asks me what it is that I do. Or what I make. And I never really know what to answer there since it differs a lot. But every time I do answer I come a bit closer to knowing what it actually is. So here I go:    I try to make narrative films that have a realistic way of dealing with some abstract ideas. I also just want to make what I think is fun. Something that gives me energy. I want to get away from the pretentious, since it's easy to get there given these ingredients.
I have worked as a Director, DoP, Editor, (3D) Animator, Photographer, VJ and Theater Producer .
If you want to get in contact with me you can do so through the "contact" tab or shoot me an email at